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Super Yacht Industry Network-Malta was created to ensure the highest standards of expertise and service. The Network is driven by a group of local companies offering a wide spectrum of yacht repair services from engineering to complete refits. We are committed to delivering on time high quality workmanship, an industry standard.

  • Bradbury Yachting Concierge Services Ltd.
  • Cutrico Marine
  • Ellcee Nautical Supplies Co. Ltd.
  • Manoel Island Yacht Yard
  • Medcomms Ltd.
  • Melita Marine Group
  • Salvo Grima & Son Ltd
  • UNEC United Equipment Co. Ltd.
  • XV360 Optical Information Systems Ltd.
  • Yacht Projects
  • YachtHub group Ltd
  • Abacus Corporate Services Limited
  • Atlantis Managment Ltd
  • Affinity Malta
  • Ernst & Young Limited
  • Fenech & Fenech Advocates
  • Ganado Advocates
  • KPMG
  • KSi Malta
  • Mann Made Ltd.
  • Marine & Industrial Consultancy Ltd
  • MBL SA Yachting
  • Naval Architectural Services
  • S&D Yachts
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